Set Free is “a poster child for the Americana genre.”

The Alternate Root magazine

Myk Gordons recent release, Set Free, could stand as a poster child for the potential of the Americana genre. The Steve Berlin produced project takes soul, country and rock down to their base essence and infuses Myk’s natural abilities to create songs that hold reminders of influences through the familiarity of the sound. What separates Set Free from becoming another notch in the Roots music chain is its use of the familiar as a challenge to grow and expand on origins. Myk Gordon’s voice drips soul and emotion whether sliding into the role of the lover who is trying to find his way out of the wreckage of a relationship on the title track ‘Hurting One’ or looking at the world through the eyes of a fast-paced shuffle riding traveler in ‘Greenwich Mean Time.’



“…from southwestern border-town flavor to NYC song circle sophistication…”

No Depression magazine

“Myk Gordon’s warm and resonant Set Free, is a testament to both
the production expertise of Los Lobos’ Steve Berlin and the humble
virtuosity of Gordon and his band. Recorded in Portland, Oregon.
With echos of everything from southwestern border-town flavor to NYC song
circle sophistication, Set Free is a cast iron pot of homemade gumbo, bubbling
and churning with rich layers of rootsy goodness.”

“(Set Free) is nothing short of a classic country-soul tour de force.” Vancouver Sun

Photo by Paddy Jane:

Myk Gordon’s sixth CD is a diamond in the ruff so to speak. Keeping true to his musical roots, he and producer Steve Berlin have put together an eclectic mix of songs to interest many people over several genres of music–jazzy, bluesy and
free flowing is what Set Free is all about.”
– Jade Sperry, NXEW

“See this man live as soon as you get a chance. There is a depth and passion here that raises the material into the same stratosphere as artists as disparate as Dylan, Paul Simon, and early Springsteen, yet sounds like none of them.”
Bob Segarini, A&R Online,

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“This disc (Set Free) produced by Los Lobos’s Steve Berlin and graced with
members of Calexico and Neko Case’s band, presents local singer Gordon’s
finest songs ever. The new country/soul sound is perfect for his smart, hurtin’
songs. A career peak.”
Stuart Derdyn, The Province, June 16, 2009

“…A strongly accomplished performer.”

TimeOut, London, UK

Voted in the Top 300 All-Time CDs by CKUA radio
– The Real Thing (2002, MMC/Burnside-U.S.)

“A steady hand when mixing pop, folk, emotion and intelligence,Gordon is a

skilled singer with a range capable of delivering the emotional needs of a song.”

– Toronto Star

“The best to come out of this city in a while.”

Greg Potter, Vancouver Courier

“The leading light of the Vancouver folk-pop scene.”

– 12-bar Club, London, UK

“Hand clapping, butt-shakin’ soul and R&B is what Myk Gordon is all about.”

– Tom Zillich, Westender, Vancouver

“The album drips with the sounds of mid-’70s inner-city soul: huge grooves and
hallelujah harmonies bolster playful melodies, while vintage keyboards swirl in
the warm and spacious production. With at least two drop-dead singles, “Do Your Thing” (video in the works) and “All That We Own,” Gordon has come into his own by stepping outside of himself.”

– Greg Potter, Vancouver Courier

“Veering through blues, R&B, soul, and funk to come up with a groove-laden,
danceable, rich sound that will instantly move you. Gordon musters up all he has to make his voice resonate with you, while the diversity of his playing – from the bluesy “Poor Poor Woman”, the funky “Real World Melody”, and the opening soul firestarter “Do Your Thing” – makes you cheer him on. With Gordon at the core of the songwriting, and in the producer’s seat, his vision is fully realized.

From start to finish, he conjures up the golden days of AM radio and creates a
record that mirrors the early, exciting days of AM radio, making it equally
accessible, and even more coherent. This is a golden album that aims high with its vision and lands right on its mark. I’ll give it a B+.”
– Alex Steininger,

“Conjures up a classic R&B feel that’s hard to resist.”
– Shawn Conner, Georgia Straight

“An amazing album.”
– Fiona Forbes, Breakfast Television (CityTV Vancouver)

“This year Myk Gordon found his groove thang and his inner super superfly started buzzing big time. The result is The Real Thing, a deep-down and loaded platter of greasy keyboards, raise-your-hands-up choruses and Motown and Stax Volt melodic lines.”
– Stuart Derdeyn, The Province newspaper

“This album is very, very good.”
– Tim Morgan, CFOX 99.3 FM (Vancouver)

“True connection to soul, gospel and classic pop…Resonates pure 70s soul.
His original grooves entice you, leaving you wanting more!”
– Balanced Life Magazine

“Amazing! Flawless compositions.”
– New Music West 2002

“On Myk’s previous albums Lonely (1998) and Seventh Candle (1994):

“Gordon mixes pop, rock and folky influences to fine effect.”
– TimeOut, London

“This long-time Vancouver singer and guitar player has acquired a following for
his poetic handling of folk and rock songs… He’s a singer on the rise, so catch
him on the way.”
– Kerry Gold, Vancouver Sun

“Gifted with a sense of proverbial Canadian poetry…his lyrics carry heavy
emotional weight and set him apart from country and folk rockers touring

– Under The Volcano Festival, Vancouver

“…Lively intelligent rock and roll. Gordon’s brand of song writing and performing encompasses a wealth of experience.”
– The Annex Gleaner, Toronto